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modifier supprimer 32407 - de Ilyes , 18 ans (FRA) - 2016-07-08
Chercheur scientifique : "Y a-t-il des matheux anglophones ?"


I'm looking for someone who speaks english to talk with.
I really like mathematics. If you like them too and/or if you want any help in French, don't hesitate !!

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modifier supprimer 37927 - Réponse de Valiollah , 30 ans (IRN) - 2020-05-30

Hi guys!
I'm a Persian language native speaker and am learning English in university. Also, I'm interested in French. I guess we can teach other our mother tongue language if you like. email me if u want.

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modifier supprimer 37864 - Réponse de Valiollah , 30 ans (IRN) - 2020-05-16

Let's talk!

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modifier supprimer 36695 - Réponse de Aadil , 15 ans (USA) - 2019-06-19

Hi! I like math, am trying to learn French, and would be happy to help you with English (far warnings I'm not to good at English even if it's my native language). So email me if you want

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modifier supprimer 36441 - Réponse de Jacob , 11 ans (USA) - 2019-02-10

Hi! I speak English and I like math, too! I don't know french but you can teach me. I hope we can become pen pal! Please write back.

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modifier supprimer 34961 - Réponse de Kaitlyn (AUS) - 2017-11-03

hello, i would like to learn french. i could teach you english if you want.

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modifier supprimer 34660 - Réponse de Dofra , 25 ans (CIV) - 2017-08-18

I am your man.

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modifier supprimer 32750 - Réponse de Anna , 16 ans (GBR) - 2016-09-12

Hey, I'm up for helping you with English, if you can help me with some French in return, s'il vous plaît.:) J'aime les maths, aussi. (Et les sciences -particulièrement la biochimie).

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modifier supprimer 32745 - Réponse de Addy , 17 ans (CHN) - 2016-09-11 are so handsome.i am a student in senior three,i am so busy everyday and absolutely so tired.i like writing and listening to music ,but under the stress of study,i mustn't enjoy my hobby. i hope your rely and hope you happy everyday.

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