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modifier supprimer 21608 - de Ariel (USA) - 2013-07-16
Chercheur scientifique : "Psychological Research"

Um... I'm already working as a research assistant, but I'll have to go to grad school to do any of my own research. I just really like research, though...

21608 -
modifier supprimer 22168 - Réponse de Grace - Elizabeth (GBR) - 2013-09-28

Wow! A Psychological researcher! I have always wanted to do that even though I have a long time to decide what to do with the rest of my life! What sort of grades did you have to get from school? I suppose maths and science was vital but did you have to got to university afterwards or just collage?
Hope to hear from you soon: I have finally found someone who shares my passion!
Regards, Grace - Elizabeth

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