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modifier supprimer 43474 - de Tatiana , 23 ans (Peru) - 2020-11-18
Musique : "Some songs to think and others just to shake the body"

I’ve been listening Mac Miller for a few years and his songs feel like home, I don’t know if anybody feels that ?
And the best songs to shake the body are reggaeton and merengue, I prefer old school reggaeton Daddy Yankee , Don Omar and others. Merengue is good too but I don’t know how to dance merengue unfortunately

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modifier supprimer 43558 - Réponse de justine , 16 ans (france) - 2020-11-29

I asked you just like that but i listen more the americans artists. I listen a french rapper but i think you don't like that ;)

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modifier supprimer 43557 - Réponse de Tatiana , 23 ans (Peru) - 2020-11-29

Hello, I don’t know any of them, can you tell me some?
Elvis Crespo has a lot of good song but the popular ones are suavemente and tu sonrisa if I am not wrong, but I would like listen to some new artist

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modifier supprimer 43555 - Réponse de justine , 16 ans (france) - 2020-11-29

i have strated to listen his music at the release of the album swimming, since i adore it. My favorite single is "dang", i love this mood. i have been very saddened when i have learnt his death. Therefore i just to listen Elvis Crespo because his name didn't tell me anythings but i know some music : Bailar and Suavemente. This musics are very cool for to dance. And do you know the french artists ?

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modifier supprimer 43550 - Réponse de Tatiana , 23 ans (Peru) - 2020-11-29

I love Mac’s music, I like all of them, but definitely the album swimming and Circles is all I listen since it came out, I like his vibe. Some of the songs I love are “surf”, “dunno”, “another night”, “2009”. Daddy Yankee is good and there are others reggaeton artist that are really good too, merengue is the type of music that makes you dance instantly it’s really good, do you know Elvis Crespo?

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modifier supprimer 43548 - Réponse de justine , 16 ans (france) - 2020-11-28

Hello, I love Mac Miller, it is one of my favorites artists. I listen to it often. I like this mood. What is your favorite music of him ?
Otherwise, i don't listen often the reggaeton but i know the classic of Daddy Yankee.
And what is the merengue ?

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