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modifier supprimer 43394 - de Andrea , 16 ans (Peru) - 2020-10-17
Musique : "Indie/alternative music"

Hi, I'm looking for some pals who like indie/alternative music
in my circle of friends there is no one who listens to it
i like arctic monkeys, the strokes, the neighbourhood, oasis, cage the elephant, the smiths
and if you want to recommend more artists, i would appreciate :D

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modifier supprimer 43805 - Réponse de Zoe , 13 ans (Ireland) - 2021-01-16

I love the arctic monkeys and the strokes! I listen to the neighborhood from time to time. Based on the other bands you mentioned i would recommend a band called Inhaler. They are an irish rock band and their stuff is really good!

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modifier supprimer 43777 - Réponse de camila , 14 ans (peru oe) - 2021-01-08


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modifier supprimer 43465 - Réponse de Xiomara , 16 ans (Peru) - 2020-11-16

Hi, I Like oasis, and I would like to know about alternative music like arctic monkeys, so if you can recommend me songs it would be great

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modifier supprimer 43403 - Réponse de Ava (Canada ) - 2020-10-21

Hi! I love Oasis, but haven't really gotten into listening to other bands you've mentioned. I like more of the Britpop and alternative sound.

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