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modifier supprimer 34099 - de Katie , 11 ans (USA) - 2019-10-27
Oiseau : "I'm getting parakeets, is two or three better?"

How many parakeets should I get I want two or three but idk. The cage im gonna get is big enough for three but I might only get two.

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modifier supprimer 34918 - Réponse de Sam (USA) - 2021-01-28

You may be tempted to get as many pet birds as you can, but I warn you to probably start out with only two. One may be lonely, and 3 is a hassle, especially if they start fighting for love. Plus, if the cage can fit 3, then 2 will give them some extra space to flap around and plenty of room for you to put extra toys, perches, and maybe even extra food and water bowls.

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modifier supprimer 34438 - Réponse de Izzy (AUS) - 2020-05-19

Depends, is this your first time owning them? I would start with just 2.c

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