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modifier supprimer 33355 - de Yvette , 14 ans (CHN) - 2018-07-16
Aigle : "FREE and LONELY----EAGLE"

The eagle is the master of the sky. It can fly anywhere freely and play on the prairie when tired. It is so overbearing. It looks down at all things in the world, but fly alone in the sky. It is in fact free and lonely.
I love it is because l want to have the same experience.l want to be the master of my own and have the free time to do my own things.but at the same time,i will feel lonely.Later l change another way of thinking about eagle----it is really enough to have a such life.

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modifier supprimer 33783 - Réponse de Serge (CIV) - 2019-02-19

Thanks !

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