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modifier supprimer 30034 - de Auerby , 18 ans (TAI) - 2015-08-03
Manchot : "Penguin(")> < 3"

Penguin is so cute!!I love they.Im from Taiwan.18 year old.I want to learn English and make friends.Welcome from all over the world and you can send email to me.( you speak Chinese it is the best.If you do not speak Chinese,I can teach you.By the way,my English is not good.Aforementioned,It is translated goole.HaHa!!
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30034 -
modifier supprimer 30480 - Réponse de Arsi , 18 ans (PHL) - 2015-10-30

Hi. I can teach you English ^^ I also want to learn other languages so perhaps you can help me learn Chinese! Do you have Kakaotalk or WeChat? Hope I could be friends with you -^^

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