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modifier supprimer 10417 - de Holly , 11 ans (AUS) - 2012-06-11
Aigle : "Eagle"

I'd live to be an eagle. they r so noble and care free. and to be able to fly forever.....

Plzzz penfriend me

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modifier supprimer 27081 - Réponse de mohamed , 23 ans (FRA) - 2014-08-08

hello,i would like to speak with someone to learn english and me i would learn french.
it's ok.

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modifier supprimer 13920 - Réponse de Brian (USA) - 2013-10-22

Eagles are awesome they are true and they are really noble ive seen an Eagle for real just like go outside and make your finger like a worm theyll come closer but not the ground but its pretty cool. :)

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modifier supprimer 12541 - Réponse de emilyvan , 16 ans (FRA) - 2013-03-07

my name is emily. I am a vietnamese but I live in France and I can speak 4 langues french, english, spanish and vietnamese. Nice to meet you.

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