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For students 10-20 only
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DELETE May.9 14:13 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Hi my friends,Welcome to " travelers' club ".
DELETE May.9 14:14 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> This club is for those who like to travel.
DELETE May.13 13:40 Nishara-231 (Sri Lanka)> Hi!!!!
DELETE May.13 13:43 Nishara-231 (Sri Lanka)> I like traveling a lot
DELETE May.13 14:09 Nishara-231 (Sri Lanka)> I think this club will be very useful to me.
DELETE May.13 14:13 Nishara-231 (Sri Lanka)> I hope I can share my travel experience with friends and find out the best places to travel in the world.
DELETE May.15 20:18 Hannah-63 (America )> Hi I love traveling especially to family members and friends
DELETE May.20 17:32 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Hi Hannah,how are you?
DELETE May.20 17:35 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Hello my friends,Tell me about the best trip you've ever had.Don't forget to mention the year and with whom you went?
DELETE May.20 17:38 Nishara-231 (Sri Lanka)> samidi,,, I went on a trip with my family to Nuwara Eliya last year.There was so much beauty there.
DELETE May.20 18:06 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Hi Nishara,I've been there a few times. Nuwara Eliya so beautiful. A little cold.
DELETE May.20 18:09 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> hi nishara,How are you?
DELETE May.20 18:10 Nishara-231 (Sri Lanka)> i'm fine.thank you.and you?
DELETE May.20 18:12 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> I'm good .thnx.
DELETE May.27 09:53 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> hi, I would love to visit China.
DELETE May.27 14:48 Kosai-153 (China)> welcome to China!
DELETE May.28 03:43 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Kosai,Thank you AND Tell me more about China.
DELETE Jun.1 12:34 Tianyu-61 (China)> @samidi There are a lot of places of interest in China,you shouldn't miss it if you like history.Also the food are very delicious,I'm sure you'll love it :)
DELETE Jun.3 11:47 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> awesome!
DELETE Jun.3 11:49 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Hello Tiyanyu!Where are you in China?
DELETE Jun.3 12:40 Tianyu-61 (China)> Hi samidi! I live in Nanjing,it's in southeastern China.Have you heard of it?
DELETE Jun.3 13:12 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> No, I didn't.
DELETE Jun.3 13:15 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> I learned a lot from gooogle about Nanjing .It 's beautiful.
DELETE Jun.3 13:25 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> I 'll definitely take a tour of China .I' ll definitely come to nanjing.
DELETE Jun.3 13:28 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> I love Chinese food, especially noodles.
DELETE Jun.4 03:56 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> me too. we call chinese nodle 짜장면, it's very tasty. korean children love that,
DELETE Jun.4 04:09 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> KOREAN food is tasty too. hehe
DELETE Jun.4 07:39 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Jajangmyeon,
DELETE Jun.4 07:40 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> I watched the Korean tele-drama "Dae Jang Geum", which I learned about Korean traditional foods.
DELETE Jun.7 04:47 Nishara-231 (Sri Lanka)> hello friends,Who knows about lexiaguo in China?
DELETE Jun.10 18:24 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Yeah, I've heard about lexiague.
DELETE Jun.10 18:26 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Springtime lexiaguo is very beautiful.
DELETE Jun.11 21:56 Araceli-237 (Perú)> Hi!😄
DELETE Jun.13 03:53 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Hello Araceli,
DELETE Jun.13 22:16 Sequoia-42 (Usa)> Hi just looking for friends.
DELETE Jun.14 18:51 Sequoia-42 (Usa)> I can teach you about the US if you want?
DELETE Jun.15 15:52 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> I'd like to be your friend.
DELETE Jun.15 15:56 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> I want to learn more about the US. Please tell me
DELETE Jun.15 17:17 Sequoia-42 (Usa)> Hi Samidi What would you like to know?
DELETE Jun.15 17:59 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> I'd like to know about Newyork first.
DELETE Jun.15 20:02 Sequoia-42 (Usa)> Okay the city is really big they have a park in the middle called central park it is really big you can bike there, fly kites, walk dogs, and just take a walk. They also have a place called time square there are lots of digital billboards and its really n
DELETE Jun.15 20:05 Sequoia-42 (Usa)> Noisy. They also have 50,000 plus taxis.
DELETE Jun.17 15:14 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Thanks for your information.
DELETE Jun.17 15:17 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Would you please tell me about california?
DELETE Jun.18 17:38 Sequoia-118 (USA)> California is a long state they are on the border of Mexico, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona they also have a really long coast. They have deserts, mountains, forest, and oceans. A place called death valley is the lowest place in America.
DELETE Jun.18 17:40 Sequoia-118 (USA)> They also have the tallest trees in the world the redwoods and sequoia trees ( the trees I am named after)
DELETE Jun.18 19:27 harsha-226 (france)> friends hi
DELETE Jun.18 21:55 Sequoia -118 (USA)> Hi Harsha
DELETE Jun.19 20:27 byman-242 (türkiye)> hello
DELETE Jun.20 12:13 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Thanks sequoia...You are a very nice person.
DELETE Jun.20 12:14 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> where are you in USA?
DELETE Jun.20 12:14 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> hello byman.
DELETE Jun.21 02:31 Sequoia-118 (USA)> Hi Samidi I live in Maryland
DELETE Jun.21 02:32 Sequoia-118 (USA)> Where are you in Sri Lanka? I dont know much about Sri Lanka.
DELETE Jun.21 03:24 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Really Sequoia I can tell you about my contry did you like it?
DELETE Jun.21 18:43 Sequoia-118 ( Usa)> Hi Sanujana I would love for you to teach me about your country.
DELETE Jun.23 13:56 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> Hi friends
DELETE Jun.23 15:07 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Sequoia are you there?
DELETE Jun.24 02:32 Sequoia-42 (Usa)> Hi Sanujana I am here now. How are you?
DELETE Jun.29 18:56 Nishara-231 (Sri Lanka)> Hello Sequoia.
DELETE Jun.29 18:56 Nishara-231 (Sri Lanka)> Is anyone here?
DELETE Jul.2 11:58 someone-125 (somewhere)> who want to travel with your pen pal friends~!
DELETE Jul.2 12:09 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> hello,I wanna travel with my penfriend.
DELETE Jul.2 12:10 Nishara-231 (Sri Lanka)> me tooo....
DELETE Jul.8 01:39 Malcolm-181 (Australia)> hi i really want to go to other countries i haven't yet :(
DELETE Jul.10 08:38 madushika-135 (sri lanka)> hi,how are you?
DELETE Jul.12 04:05 Kahory-6 (Perú )> Hi:)
DELETE Jul.12 04:06 Kahory-6 (Perú )> How are you?
DELETE Jul.12 20:01 Kahory-6 (Perú )> Hiiii
DELETE Jul.19 20:53 Morgane-132 (France)> Hello guys !
DELETE Jul.20 19:31 Luciana-143 (Argentina)> Hi, how are you
DELETE Jul.20 23:13 Morgane-132 (France)> Fine and you ?
DELETE Jul.23 03:11 bran-176 (Perú)> HI
DELETE Jul.23 14:30 Louie-5 (Indonesia)> Indonesia is developed country. Indonesia is very beautiful country. Have you visited it?
DELETE Jul.23 14:40 Louie-5 (Indonesia)> The place like Raja Ampat, Bali island, Lombok, National Monument, Underwater paradise in Indonesia
DELETE Jul.28 09:58 Morgane-119 (France)> I have never visited Indonesia.
DELETE Jul.28 09:59 Morgane-119 (France)> I have already visiter Germany, Spain and Italy . And you ?
DELETE Jul.28 09:59 Morgane-119 (France)> I have already visited Germany, Spain and Italy . And you ?
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