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" Secret Associantion " club
For students 10-20 only
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

DELETE Jun.27 13:17 M1-245 (SRL)> This a secret association.Don't use your real name real county
DELETE Jun.27 13:18 M1-245 (SRL)> THIS club is only for enjoing not real secret ok
DELETE Jun.27 13:20 M1-245 (SRL)> Your name should be maximum 3 letters and there at leat should be one number
DELETE Jun.27 13:22 M1-245 (SRL)> Your country name should be in 3 capital letters
DELETE Jun.27 18:34 M1-245 (SRL)> What do you mean from that
DELETE Jun.28 02:25 SW-231 (SRL)> I dont know who are you but I dont know why are you started a club like this
DELETE Jun.28 07:46 LR-195 (NoMSoC)> I could tell you, but That's a secret
DELETE Jun.28 08:00 M1-250 (SRL)> SW, It for enjoy .yes ,I like secrets
DELETE Jun.28 08:00 M1-250 (SRL)> Hi,Sw and LR
DELETE Jun.28 20:41 J6-128 (HRL)> Hi I am now J6 Hi M1 SW and LR
DELETE Jun.29 05:30 S1-231 (SRL)> HI M1,how are you?
DELETE Jun.29 06:10 LR-195 (NoMSoC)> KILL IT WITH FIRE
DELETE Jun.29 11:48 M1-250 (SRL)> HI,S1 I am fine .how are you ?
DELETE Jun.29 11:49 M1-250 (SRL)> I also think LR
DELETE Jun.29 11:50 M1-250 (SRL)> Many people died because of that virus
DELETE Jun.29 11:51 M1-250 (SRL)> Please all of you safe my guys ! stag 2 corona also there
DELETE Jul.2 05:42 M1-245 (SRL)> Excuse me N1 you cant tell your country
DELETE Jul.2 05:46 M1-245 (SRL)> Hi everyone.
DELETE Jul.2 17:58 SW-231 (SRL)> Hi M1
DELETE Jul.2 18:17 D3-131 (NLD)> Hai
DELETE Jul.4 20:34 LR-195 (NoMSoC)> Hello. Keep it on the down low. Shhhhh
DELETE Jul.5 15:55 M1-250 (SRL)> Hi D3
DELETE Jul.5 15:56 M1-250 (SRL)> Hi Sw
DELETE Jul.5 15:56 M1-250 (SRL)> Anyone doesn't know anyones identity
DELETE Jul.10 08:37 madushika-135 (sri lanka)> hi,how are you?
DELETE Jul.13 08:34 M1-250 (SRL)> Hi, Madushika you can use your real name and real country when chatting througth this club
DELETE Jul.13 17:12 L2-209 (UNK)> OwO
DELETE Jul.13 17:13 L2-209 (UNK)> Wow
DELETE Jul.13 17:13 L2-209 (UNK)> E
DELETE Jul.13 17:14 L2-209 (UNK)> E
DELETE Jul.13 17:14 L2-209 (UNK)> This be epiccc
DELETE Jul.14 16:25 Sgi-250 (mmmk)> Hi ,guys I am new to this club
DELETE Jul.14 16:26 Sgi-250 (mmmk)> I have probelm .Can you give any answer for it? please help me.
DELETE Jul.14 16:29 Sgi-250 (mmmk)> My friend ,get me a video call but I didn't answer it .Now was a month he don't talk me because of I didn't amswer him .
DELETE Jul.14 16:29 Sgi-250 (mmmk)> What should I do ?
DELETE Jul.23 07:28 mgs-153 (wpp)> I also have a problem please help me.I sent a letter to my friend last month.she received it but didn't answer it.What should I do?
DELETE Jul.23 07:30 mgs-153 (wpp)> should I send another letter?or wait till she reply my letter?😢I really like to do snail mail but I don't get a reply letter.
DELETE Jul.23 07:34 M1-245 (SRL)> Sgi,You get video call to your friend then your friend may be cut it
DELETE Jul.23 07:36 M1-245 (SRL)> then you can tell your friend.I am sorry but you as done thta wrong thing to me also.Try it
DELETE Jul.23 07:38 M1-245 (SRL)> mgs,To received a letter there go many days
DELETE Jul.23 07:39 M1-245 (SRL)> are you surely know your penpal received the letter
DELETE Jul.23 07:40 M1-245 (SRL)> because of this corona pedemic there may be probelm in your penpal's country
DELETE Jul.23 07:41 M1-245 (SRL)> I think better to wait reply .Because sending another letter may be wastefull
DELETE Jul.23 07:45 M1-245 (SRL)> This culb is made because of enjoing and help other
DELETE Jul.23 07:47 M1-245 (SRL)> Please help other solove thier probelms and give creative idea and be kind hearted
DELETE Jul.23 10:26 mgs-228 (wpp)> yes she said that she received my letter on last month.But she hadn't posted a letter yet.Okay.I will wait for her reply.
DELETE Jul.23 12:36 mgs-2 (wpp)> Thank you for helping me are very kind😊
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