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" Meet New Friends " club
For students 10-20 only
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

DELETE Mar.4 12:04 Amy-218 (Germany)> HEEEYYYY GUUYYYSS
DELETE Mar.6 10:12 Cheayoung-125 (Korea)> Nice to MEET you ALL!
DELETE Mar.9 00:29 George -64 (Peru)> Hi guys! Nice to meet you too
DELETE Mar.14 18:35 Kasia-58 (Poland)> Hi
DELETE Mar.28 19:13 Nycollas-210 (Brazil)> Hello, I need a friend to practice my english, can someone add my skype. It's: nycollas.cardoso2
DELETE Apr.9 20:01 sam-79 (jam)> hello i am the new manager my name is samuel
DELETE Apr.10 04:24 Jasmine-87 (United States )> Loll
DELETE Apr.20 10:44 billy-178 (indonesia)> someone can help me to practice english?
DELETE Apr.27 05:07 Moshe -21 (Argentina )> I am Chilean and I live in Argentina. I was interested in the culture of Great Britain.
DELETE May.8 03:59 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> hi all! nice to meet you all! do you like harry potter?? my email is contact me!
DELETE May.8 04:00 Manger-125 (meet new friends clu)> HII ALL
DELETE May.10 01:30 Mufida-188 (Indonesia)> HI!!
DELETE May.14 16:37 Maci-78 (USA (maine))> Chailyn ok! What is your ref number?
DELETE May.14 16:50 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hey Maci hey Chailyn how are you guys?
DELETE May.17 07:44 Nurul-213 (Indonesia)> I believe that you will never regret to make friend with me, hahaha. Sorry for my overconfident 😂 and also my bad english, im still learning;)
DELETE May.20 11:54 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> 𝙸'𝚖 𝚏𝚒𝚗𝚎 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚢𝚘𝚞???
DELETE May.26 10:39 Kosai-153 (China)> hello!
DELETE May.26 10:42 Kosai-153 (China)> hello!
DELETE May.27 09:45 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> hello kosai,
DELETE May.30 03:22 Nahir-174 (Chile)> Hi
DELETE May.31 23:17 Kika-72 (Mexico)> I am interested in practicing my English
DELETE Jun.4 03:46 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> what is IELT?????
DELETE Jun.4 11:50 Nishara-231 (Sri Lanka)> I'm looking for a pen friend. Tell me if you like.
DELETE Jun.5 03:53 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> hi Nishara! nice to meet you! LEt's be friends!!
DELETE Jun.5 07:33 Jaja-167 (United States)> HI everyone!! I'm also looking for someone to message on here lol tambien hablo espanol!!
DELETE Jun.8 10:48 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hello friends
DELETE Jun.14 12:22 Arpita-43 (India)> HI ALL, ANYONE?
DELETE Jun.14 18:47 Sequoia-42 (Usa)> Hi just looking for friends.
DELETE Jun.16 03:47 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> HII ALL
DELETE Jun.16 11:40 Louie-1 (Indonesia)> Hi I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. What about you guys?
DELETE Jun.16 11:42 Louie-1 (Indonesia)> My ref is 1441546 contact me please
DELETE Jun.16 17:36 Sequoia-118 (USA)> Hi Louie. Cool I have never been to Indonesia. I live in the US in Maryland. How are you and how old are you?
DELETE Jun.17 15:19 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hi Cote
DELETE Jun.18 03:46 Sara-20 (USA)> Hii!
DELETE Jun.18 03:47 Sara-20 (USA)> Ref is 1466066 so message me if you want a snail mail pen pal!
DELETE Jun.18 19:26 harsha-226 (france)> hi i am in paris anyone from france
DELETE Jun.19 20:19 byman-242 (türkiye)> hello
DELETE Jun.19 20:19 byman-242 (türkiye)> how are you?
DELETE Jun.20 11:47 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> fine, and you??
DELETE Jun.21 03:21 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Hello Cheayoung how is the day?
DELETE Jun.22 04:11 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> fine! you??
DELETE Jun.23 08:39 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Hi,I'm looking for a snail mail penfriend.reply me if you'd ref 1255659.
DELETE Jun.23 13:55 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> Hi,friends
DELETE Jun.24 03:16 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> HIHI
DELETE Jun.24 05:18 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hi Chaeyoung how are you?
DELETE Jun.25 02:59 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> fine, and you Sanujana??
DELETE Jun.25 15:33 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> How was this vacation?
DELETE Jun.26 06:23 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> I am fine Chaeyoung
DELETE Jun.26 06:23 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Meththa this vacation is actually boring
DELETE Jun.26 08:49 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Yes ,I also .It is soooooo boring
DELETE Jun.26 09:05 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> yeah...
DELETE Jun.27 13:03 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Chaeyoug Do your schools are started?
DELETE Jun.28 19:13 Morgane-3 (France)> Hiiii guy, i'm new !
DELETE Jun.29 11:54 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> Hi,Morgane How are you ?
DELETE Jun.29 21:16 Morgane-95 (France)> Hi, I'm fine and you ?
DELETE Jun.30 05:34 tamariae monae-180 (USA)> hi anyone want to be friends?
DELETE Jun.30 08:57 Tien Viet-68 (Vietnam)> Hi Tamariae Monae
DELETE Jun.30 18:55 tamariae monae-65 (USA)> HI how are you
DELETE Jun.30 20:25 Morgane-122 (France)> Hi tamaria monae and tien viet !
DELETE Jul.1 22:05 Elia-126 (Madagascar)> I would become member
DELETE Jul.1 22:06 Elia-126 (Madagascar)> Hi everybody
DELETE Jul.2 11:56 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> @Meththa yes
DELETE Jul.2 11:57 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> @Morgane HII!!!
DELETE Jul.2 18:15 Donna-131 (Netherlands)> Haii
DELETE Jul.2 19:12 Bethany Kayra-120 (Turkay )> Hiiiii. How are you
DELETE Jul.2 19:14 Bethany Kayra-120 (Turkey )> I wrote my countrys name wrong
DELETE Jul.7 12:00 Malcolm-181 (Australia)> hello i want some friends
DELETE Jul.8 23:55 Morgane-123 (France)> Hello ! How are you Malcolm ?
DELETE Jul.10 02:50 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> HII ALL
DELETE Jul.10 08:35 madushika-135 (sri lanka)> hi,how are you?
DELETE Jul.10 16:06 Morgane-118 (France)> Hiii
DELETE Jul.11 18:57 Disara-157 (Sri Lanka)> Hello everyone! :))
DELETE Jul.11 20:18 Kahory-6 (Perú )> Hi:)
DELETE Jul.12 08:25 Disara-157 (Sri Lanka)> hello Kahory:) How are you?
DELETE Jul.12 13:05 Talha-231 (Turkey)> Hi ,I am from Turkey
DELETE Jul.12 20:02 Kahory-6 (Perú)> I'm fine and you?
DELETE Jul.12 20:05 Disara-157 (Sri Lanka)> Im fine Kahory. Thank you:). Hey Talha!
DELETE Jul.13 03:23 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> HII Disara!
DELETE Jul.13 03:24 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> HII Talha and Kahory too!
DELETE Jul.13 04:15 Disara-157 (Sri Lanka)> Hello! :))
DELETE Jul.13 11:36 Morgane-118 (France)> Hello
DELETE Jul.14 04:05 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> HI!
DELETE Jul.14 09:28 Inaya Natharie-157 (Sri Lanka)> Join my club ' Harry Potter fan club' it is the most awesomest virtual experience
DELETE Jul.18 11:41 Clara -37 (Ireland)> Hi
DELETE Jul.19 20:51 Morgane-132 (France)> Hi
DELETE Jul.22 18:01 user16-104 (Deutschland)> Germany?
DELETE Jul.24 10:18 Morgane-121 (France)> Hi I learn German. Hallo, Ich bin Morgane und ich bin 13 Jahre alt.
DELETE Jul.26 21:27 candice-152 (France)> heyyy
DELETE Jul.28 11:15 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> HII ALL
DELETE Jul.28 20:36 Blue-240 (USA)> Hello
DELETE Jul.29 14:03 Vinod-251 (India)> Hi Nice to be here
DELETE Jul.31 08:16 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> HI Blue and Vinod! Nice to meet you!!
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