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" F-R-I-E-N-D-S- " club
For students 10-20 only
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

DELETE Jul.29 05:11 FREDERYK-212 (Here)> It's a little after 8 PM (20:11) Sunday
DELETE Jul.30 13:35 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Almost at the same time lol
DELETE Aug.3 11:10 ella-19 (ireland)> hello im looking for friends or a bf
DELETE Aug.5 23:39 Gabrielle-184 (France)> 2:39 PM in your country
DELETE Aug.9 04:51 FREDERYK-213 (Here)> Yes, Rose from India that's what we know. I now know a Rose from Mexico. (Short for Rosario) and Rose from New York. Now India.
DELETE Aug.11 21:20 FREDERYK-212 (Here)> So, I do not know what time is good for you. What is your schedule like?
DELETE Aug.13 13:05 Gabrielle-12 (France)> In France we say 13:05
DELETE Aug.27 22:34 thia-130 (USA)> hi
DELETE Sep.2 01:23 Beatriz-249 (Ecuador)> Speak spanish
DELETE Sep.3 11:19 A Khan-180 (Pakistan)> Hi everybody feeling cool and peaceful?
DELETE Sep.8 18:39 FREDERYK-46 (Here)> You are the closest geographically than anyone else I ever communicate with in any of these clubs.
DELETE Sep.10 16:47 Gabrielle-184 (France)> I’m so sorry Frederyk, how are you
DELETE Oct.15 08:58 eliza-43 (Perú)> hello
DELETE Oct.20 22:36 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Il était temps ptn
DELETE Nov.4 21:18 Lael-146 (United States)> Hello!
DELETE Nov.5 11:41 wilson-115 (honduras )> hola... hello
DELETE Nov.7 12:00 Gabrielle-184 (France)> Hi lael Wilson and Brenda
DELETE Nov.8 06:47 cheyanne-136 (USA)> hi
DELETE Nov.9 18:40 cheyanne-136 (usa)> cheyanne_thompson711
DELETE Nov.11 23:09 Ivanex-73 (Panamá)> Hola
DELETE Nov.14 09:39 Raina-232 (Indonesia)> Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Raina, and i'm so happy if you all can accept me. My english is still basic, so please help me. Thankyou
DELETE Nov.14 23:46 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Where is my Gabrielle?
DELETE Nov.17 09:26 Sofia-9 (Tajikistan)> Hello Gabrielle
DELETE Nov.30 00:10 Abigail-13 (United States)> Hi everyone who wants to be friends with me my ref to find my add is 1442305 after you send me a SOTW message I will give you my gmail :)
DELETE Dec.1 16:13 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Hello frederyk, sorry I my phone was broken
DELETE Dec.19 21:59 aldana :)-31 (Spain)> holaaaa
DELETE Dec.26 19:05 Gabrielle -184 (France)> Tell me about it
DELETE Dec.28 11:58 Gabrielle-184 (France)> Hi Sasindu , how are you ?
DELETE Dec.29 06:11 FREDERYK-195 (HereH)> No. I do not. Hopefully you come back Sunday. "Your bestie" 😊 Made me SMILE big.
DELETE Dec.29 19:07 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Three hours difference in here. We need to coordinate a time. I wil check in an hour. Have a great day.
DELETE Dec.30 12:28 Gabrielle -184 (France)> Do any of you play sport ?
DELETE Dec.31 18:06 Who are you ?-184 (Frederyk ??)> Happy New Year to all who celebrated it
DELETE Jan.11 05:19 frida-236 (MEXICO)> hello guys, happy late new year,best wishes.
DELETE Jan.11 21:51 Gabrielle-159 (France)> You
DELETE Jan.20 19:01 jose-249 (mexico)> hello
DELETE Jan.21 18:00 phoebe buffay-86 (new york)> hey it is phoebe herself
DELETE Jan.21 18:02 phoebe buffay-86 (new york)> SING ALONG
DELETE Jan.29 00:58 Gabrielle-159 (France)> We should have notifications
DELETE Jan.31 14:52 Aleksandra -34 (Ireland )> I would like to visit Japan because I love anime and manga
DELETE Jan.31 16:50 Annabelle -199 (United States)> I love friends!!!
DELETE Feb.1 11:51 Aleksandra -100 (Ireland )> Yes
DELETE Feb.1 15:04 Gabrielle -159 (France)> I wish I could send you text at any time if we were in the same country
DELETE Feb.3 21:26 Almendra-249 (Peru)> heeeey! I´m Almendraaaaa! i´m 16 , what about you?
DELETE Feb.4 22:12 Almendra-236 (Peru)> hello!
DELETE Feb.5 00:03 Vicky-138 (Argentina )> A lot of you are in class these days right?
DELETE Feb.6 08:45 eddie-114 (USA)> Hello
DELETE Feb.9 13:11 Tina-12 (Taiwan)> Hi this is Tina, may I join? :D
DELETE Feb.11 09:34 graywyn-223 (United States)> i am 12 years old
DELETE Feb.13 13:30 Gabrielle-159 (France)> I should
DELETE Feb.27 09:32 Junior-228 (Perú)> Hola
DELETE Mar.8 19:02 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> What is happening? Long tim sinc we spoke
DELETE Mar.9 02:41 LILIANA-6 (Peru)> Hiiiiii guys
DELETE Mar.11 13:47 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Yes, it is most unfortunate we have Donald J. Trump as president. It is an election year. So, we will have to wait and see.
DELETE Mar.14 02:54 Bright-160 (Ghana)> hi everyone
DELETE Mar.14 04:02 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hi Bright.
DELETE Mar.15 16:05 Gabrielle -159 (France)> It wasn’t me
DELETE Mar.16 23:16 Gabrielle -159 (France)> We just have to put a name and location
DELETE Mar.18 10:05 Kira-78 (Ukraine)> So, what do you usually talk about here?
DELETE Mar.18 10:27 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Let’s talk😂
DELETE Mar.18 15:01 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Okay,, I will start. Hi
DELETE Mar.19 04:58 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> 🙃 WOAH! This is like a ride or something! How is France handling the coronavirus?
DELETE Mar.19 09:24 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Well, they finally closed schools but French people are dumb
DELETE Mar.19 12:08 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Nooo i am at home for almost a week
DELETE Mar.19 12:13 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> 😟
DELETE Mar.19 14:56 Gabrielle -159 (France)> 😂yes I am
DELETE Mar.19 14:58 Gabrielle -159 (France)> I enjoy the quarantine 🤭 but I can’t go to the stadium
DELETE Mar.19 15:00 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Well it depends
DELETE Mar.19 15:01 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Me toooooo i have like a million of homework to do
DELETE Mar.19 15:07 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Have many friends
DELETE Mar.19 15:13 Gabrielle -159 (France)> 19by the way WHERE ARE YOU
DELETE Mar.19 15:15 Gabrielle-159 (France)> I also like the scary things but like the real ones
DELETE Mar.19 15:16 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Yeah right ??! It would be useful
DELETE Mar.19 15:20 Gabrielle-159 (France)> I just miss sport tbh
DELETE Mar.19 15:23 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Athletics, it must be hard omg
DELETE Mar.19 15:28 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Well, English and spanish, sport and maybe geography
DELETE Mar.19 15:29 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Salted caramel is my favorite
DELETE Mar.19 15:30 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Do study another language?
DELETE Mar.19 15:31 Gabrielle-159 (France)> I have no idea of what you just wrote 😂
DELETE Mar.19 15:32 Gabrielle-159 (France)> COOL
DELETE Mar.19 15:33 Gabrielle-159 (France)> No I don’t lol
DELETE Mar.19 15:34 Gabrielle-159 (France)> THE TV SHOW !!!
DELETE Mar.19 15:35 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Me*
DELETE Mar.19 15:37 Gabrielle -159 (France)> We do too😂
DELETE Mar.19 15:40 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Omg see ?! We are the same person
DELETE Mar.19 15:44 Gabrielle -159 (France)> BUT ITS QUATANTINE
DELETE Mar.20 00:29 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Now, What were you saying?
DELETE Mar.20 12:44 Gabrielle -159 (France)> How are you
DELETE Mar.20 21:55 Gabrielle -159 (France)> What ?
DELETE Mar.21 01:12 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I will try tomorrow at 14:00 your time.
DELETE Mar.21 08:21 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> C'est le moment. Peut-etre meme Notre temps. 💞
DELETE Mar.23 13:09 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Hope your all safe
DELETE Mar.24 07:04 anonymous-134 (Dubai)> mine is "areezfadhlan"
DELETE Mar.24 10:15 anonymous-134 (Dubai)> typo
DELETE Mar.24 19:31 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> It is 11:30 Where is EVERYBODY?
DELETE Mar.31 10:32 Gabrielle -159 (France)> I hope everyone’s ok
DELETE Mar.31 14:47 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Sorry you're "soooooooo bored". Well, you do keep yourself busy. How do I know this? Well we NEVER on at the same time.
DELETE Mar.31 16:05 Gabrielle-159 (France)> I try new things
DELETE Mar.31 20:11 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Don’t know if it’s a good idea but idc
DELETE Apr.1 12:21 Gabrielle -159 (France)> Welcome mark
DELETE Apr.1 17:29 Gabrielle-159 (France)> No no, I still have my hair
DELETE Apr.1 19:12 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> No sooner his mom came in and I was sitting in the living room on the couch. I said, "Hi.."Go in the kitchen and stop your son.
DELETE Apr.4 21:04 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> WOW! This is almost as exciting as snail races! I can hardly contain myself!
DELETE Apr.5 22:00 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I am a garlicoholic as well as a chocoholic.
DELETE Apr.7 01:06 Allie-13 (USA)> Different time zones ÷(
DELETE Apr.7 09:34 Mihini -134 (Sri Lanka)> Hi anyone here?.
DELETE Apr.7 18:42 Gabrielle -159 (France )> Yea Allie I’m the one :)
DELETE Apr.11 01:55 Allie-13 (USA)> Sorry I'm here now
DELETE Apr.11 20:09 Gabrielle -159 (France)> I try to keep my mind busy so I forgot about my phone
DELETE Apr.12 14:32 Ramika yuvain-134 (Sri lanka)> Hey, I am Ramika yuvain from sri lanka
DELETE Apr.16 01:50 Allie-13 (USA)> SORRY GEEZ
DELETE Apr.17 13:12 sarah-160 (pakistan)> hi!
DELETE Apr.18 06:00 Gabrielle -159 (France)> I’m here too :))
DELETE Apr.18 18:48 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> 😖 🙄 😳 🤬 😊 & still 😷
DELETE Apr.20 10:42 billy-178 (indonesia)> heyyyy
DELETE Apr.21 19:41 Belén-7 (Perú)> Hola
DELETE Apr.23 21:48 anais-240 (Perú)> holaa
DELETE Apr.25 09:09 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> 4 hands and 3 fingers.
DELETE Apr.25 23:34 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> D'OH! Suppose to be 3 NOT 4 hands and 3 fingers. Thank you.
DELETE Apr.26 15:43 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Hi all,I'm samidi,from Srilanka.I would like to join this club and i want to make best friends.
DELETE Apr.27 22:22 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Read, YouTube and listen to music, too. I especially like listening at night. When its all quiet have the radio just above a whisper.
DELETE Apr.30 00:04 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> It's 3:03 PM (1503) Wednesday April 29th
DELETE Apr.30 13:21 Christine-206 (Indonesia)> Hi, I'm new here. Let's be friends^^
DELETE May.1 02:48 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Welcome Christine, Abelitoo, and Menon. Sure we can ALL be friends.
DELETE May.3 23:45 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Hello Wonderful person. Who has something noce to share?
DELETE May.5 12:25 Gabrielle -159 (France )> I can’t stop listening to Eminem’s songs
DELETE May.6 01:49 Lachlan-107 (Australia)> hi
DELETE May.7 16:17 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> It is now 7:18 Thursday May 7, 2020.
DELETE May.8 03:58 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> come and play in MEET NEW FRIENDS CLUD! You can make new friends!
DELETE May.8 05:56 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> In Students Of The World in a club called FRIENDS. If you mean city or state, just ask me.
DELETE May.8 11:43 Louie-124 (Indonesia)> Hi are you want to play roblox with me the game is treasure hunt simulator my username is nusantara999.
DELETE May.11 07:01 Ria Daniels-173 (United States)> hi my name is ria and I'm new to this lol😁
DELETE May.11 10:59 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> hi FREDERYK!you are so great!
DELETE May.12 07:25 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I like this club and anyone can chat with me in this club.ok?
DELETE May.12 18:06 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Sharing the information with you and anyone else who cares to read it. Hope it wasn't to graphic for you. There is a lot left out . Like education and personal triumphs and defeats, but that's okay
DELETE May.12 18:11 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> legacy.
DELETE May.14 02:36 June-181 (China)> Good morning, is there anyone?
DELETE May.14 08:44 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> FREDERYK I mean what is your country?And how old are you????
DELETE May.15 04:16 June-181 (China)> I haven't started school in China,I have classes online every day
DELETE May.15 11:26 June-181 (China)> hi ,Becca
DELETE May.15 14:44 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Hey I am fine thanks June!
DELETE May.16 05:46 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Hello to Chailyn, June, Jonathan, Joel, Becca, astarday, and amy.
DELETE May.16 05:48 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> June where are you coming from? Where would you be suffering jet lag from?
DELETE May.16 05:54 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> NO Becca, you're not intruding. Welcome
DELETE May.16 12:55 FREDERYK -195 (Here)> Much better than my attempt to read, write or speak Sinhalese or even Tamil. So, one "?" is fine. It really is.
DELETE May.17 11:54 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Just forget those things FREDERYK.What is your favourite sport?My favourite sport is Karate.And I am Karate black belt player now
DELETE May.20 12:52 Gabrielle-159 (France)> Anyway, welcome to the new ones and Frederyk, I really hope you’re ok !! :))
DELETE May.20 14:07 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hello!Gabrielle I am Sanujana from Sri lanka.How are you?
DELETE May.20 20:13 Gabriel-191 (Philippines )> Well mercy buku
DELETE May.21 21:12 Gabrielle-159 (France )> Thanks Frederyk < 3 I miss you too, i will come more often now !
DELETE May.22 02:14 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Hello!Gabrielle I like to chat with you please
DELETE May.22 13:06 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I MEAN I LIKE TO BE YOUR GOOD FRIEND FREDERYK
DELETE May.22 13:08 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I SEE YOU ARE SO GREAT. I AM SO HAPPY TO BE YOUR FRIEND
DELETE May.22 16:11 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> If you cannot, do not, or will not I will shut you off. Meaning I will drop all communication with you. I have gave you opportunity to correct your behavior. Yet, you keep it up.
DELETE May.22 16:57 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I am sorry but I have to say this
DELETE May.22 16:59 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> You are the best chat friend I ever met in those clubes.
DELETE May.22 17:01 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> FRED!!!
DELETE May.23 21:05 Gabrielle -159 (France )> I don’t even understand
DELETE May.24 03:50 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hello guys how are you?
DELETE May.24 03:55 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I mean take it.And I have to wake up every morning 5 a.m. for my online classes.Boring life
DELETE May.25 10:28 José-235 (Perú)> Hi
DELETE May.26 05:29 kosai-153 (China)> What are you doing
DELETE May.26 09:32 Anastasia -109 (Ukraine )> I want learn English, I'm from Ukraine. Let's be friends.
DELETE May.26 10:35 Kosai-153 (China)> You can email me
DELETE May.26 10:42 Kosai-153 (China)> My email is
DELETE May.26 14:07 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Kosai,Anastasia and Gala hello guys how are you?
DELETE May.27 09:40 Kosai-153 (China)> If you can, you can email me. I don't have a good network here
DELETE May.27 12:46 Kosai-153 (China)> Oh, my God, what happened
DELETE May.27 15:16 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> You mean I am the most bad girl you ever chat?FREDERYK
DELETE May.27 15:20 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Belive it
DELETE May.27 21:07 Adelina -70 (united states )> hey
DELETE May.28 04:11 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I only need a friendship.Look I dont wanna talk about my persanal life.
DELETE May.28 05:44 Kosai-153 (China)> Hello!When do you usually chat here?
DELETE May.28 15:42 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Wow I cant understand anything
DELETE May.28 16:29 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> What don't you understand? Forgiven about the misspelling of my name. Manager is spelled m-a-n-a-g-e-r. She is where she is outside Paris, France.
DELETE May.28 17:37 Sanujana-231 (Sanujana)> Wow that was cool.
DELETE May.29 03:41 Sanujana-231 (Sanujana)> Ok,great.
DELETE May.29 04:56 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> You may ask?
DELETE May.29 05:07 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> You seem to ignore my questions to you.
DELETE May.29 14:35 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> My best friend is Manudee.She is good,intelligent and atalented girl like me.
DELETE May.30 02:17 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> "Please!!!!!" What? I beg your pardon?
DELETE May.30 02:30 Sanujana-231 (SRI lanka)> Now are you yelling with me?
DELETE May.30 02:55 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Who is yelling you? Mildred Pretel is yelling at someone.
DELETE May.30 03:00 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I am sorry.I am really really sorry.
DELETE May.30 03:37 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I don't like repeating myself, but just for you Sanujana. I asked, Dying of curiosity? Why so tense? What don't you understand? and You may ask?
DELETE May.30 09:15 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Sorry I deleted one of your message!
DELETE May.30 09:17 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Hello Nico
DELETE May.30 09:29 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> You on in or out?
DELETE May.30 09:39 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> UNBELIEVABLE You claim that I, a person who you hardly know broke you heart. Well, than it is too bad for you.
DELETE May.30 11:59 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Your time
DELETE May.30 13:44 Kosai-153 (China)> anybody here?
DELETE May.30 14:57 Kosai-153 (China)> hello
DELETE May.30 16:36 Gabrielle -159 (France )> Hey everybody, how are you ? I’m good, I am watching grey’s anatomy for the 3rd time :)
DELETE May.30 16:43 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Hello Garielle I miss you
DELETE May.30 19:27 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> These IMPOSTORS are taking over proclaiming they are OTHERS in this club
DELETE May.31 04:58 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I am, but you're not.
DELETE May.31 12:49 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Hey how are you guys?
DELETE May.31 13:31 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I don't know. Can you?
DELETE May.31 15:16 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I know you think I am the weird girl you ever see
DELETE May.31 15:27 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I do. I have. I will. Until . . .
DELETE May.31 22:12 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I stop.
DELETE Jun.1 08:34 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Kosai, EVERY DAY is Children's Day except for the abused, neglected or enslaved by their cruel criminal caretakers. Those unfortunate Children don't even know of Children's Day.
DELETE Jun.1 15:23 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I haven't said anything to at this time
DELETE Jun.1 16:46 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> I dont like it
DELETE Jun.1 16:48 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Thats why this club call firends
DELETE Jun.1 16:51 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> I mean lets be good friends
DELETE Jun.1 22:08 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hola Daniela. Como estas. Yo se muy paquito espanol. Ingles es mi primer langua. Que tange bein dia mi nueva amiga
DELETE Jun.2 01:22 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> CONGRATULATIONS you are in. You just joined.
DELETE Jun.2 03:36 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hey FREDERYK how are you?I am fine
DELETE Jun.2 12:07 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Ok!Hmm I am stuck in home.Are you stuck in home FREDERYK.
DELETE Jun.2 13:31 Gabrielle-159 (France)> I want a Cristina yang in my life
DELETE Jun.2 14:25 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Lots of things are wrong, but need another forum to go into it. Yes, exams are final exams. Essentially, why were they canceled? Not postponed, but canceled? Strange to comprehend. 🤔
DELETE Jun.2 16:24 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Oh no you guys didnt care about me.So I think anybody wanna know about that
DELETE Jun.2 17:00 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> TOO MANY Sanjuana's Causing TOO MANY PROBLEMS
DELETE Jun.2 20:01 Gabrielle -159 (France)> In France our exams are on 2years and because of the coronavirus they are canceled this year
DELETE Jun.3 12:59 Kosai-153 (China)> Hello everyone! I'm back. I have an exam tomorrow. What should I do? If I don't do well in the exam, a lot of people will blame me.
DELETE Jun.4 03:45 Sanujana-223 (Sri lanka)> I only need yes or no.
DELETE Jun.4 08:12 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I am frustrated at a lot of things on the outside. Virus, quarantine, school, no work, unemployment, riots, curfew, looters. This unrest.
DELETE Jun.4 08:18 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Then you come in here and ask (aggressively) in this club. Then you apologize. I accept them REPEATEDLY.
DELETE Jun.4 15:16 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> You didn't give me the same courtesy.
DELETE Jun.4 21:48 Gabrielle -159 (France )> If you are racist, homophobic, sexist or do not respect others, you can leave this chat because it is not tolerable.
DELETE Jun.5 01:33 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> man. That is deplorable and your fellow officers did NOTHING to defuse this guy pleading for his life. They ALL should charged with murder.
DELETE Jun.5 01:43 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I don't know about the rest of the world, but we are allowed to record ALL interactions with police. Some corrupt cops don't like it, but CAN NOT stop us.
DELETE Jun.5 15:36 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I am worried you will never answer my questions
DELETE Jun.5 15:40 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> I am so sorry I miss you too.I will answer your questions FREDERYK.
DELETE Jun.6 15:43 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I have tried, tried TRIED. I have to give up.
DELETE Jun.7 15:27 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I have tried, tried TRIED. I'm truly TIRED
DELETE Jun.8 04:08 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> OK?So I am very very busy in these weeks and sorry I am gonna late to answer your questions
DELETE Jun.8 15:37 Ainsley-103 (USA)> My ref is 1462906
DELETE Jun.9 09:34 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hi AINSLEY. You will definitely find a pen pal in these clubs. You have a beautiful name.
DELETE Jun.9 15:22 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> Hello guys how are you?
DELETE Jun.11 04:34 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Sadly Frank Reynolds, I know more Yoda quotes, than your name sake, Frank Reynolds. Personally I know Bryan Reynolds
DELETE Jun.11 21:00 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Kosai, it is now noon EXACTLY june11, 2020.
DELETE Jun.13 05:53 Rae-170 (USA)> Hello
DELETE Jun.13 22:13 Sequoia-42 (Usa)> Hi just looking for friends.
DELETE Jun.14 20:07 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> 17 and USA. HBU?
DELETE Jun.15 03:41 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I don't know if Sequoia is your given name, but I know a girl named Sequoia and she's rather short. Which when I hear the name, I think of very large trees
DELETE Jun.15 04:13 Sequoia-42 (Usa)> It is past 10 pm here I should go to bed
DELETE Jun.15 14:26 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Sequoia in Maryland, that is most interesting.
DELETE Jun.15 14:30 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Now, you know.
DELETE Jun.15 17:53 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Still how does the tallest trees in the world (and now two girls I met,) get a name like Sequoia?
DELETE Jun.16 03:31 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Hi Lora
DELETE Jun.16 15:20 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Hello Louie
DELETE Jun.16 16:41 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> It's going well. How is yours? Are you in Oslo? Sorry, I don't know any other cities or towns in Norway
DELETE Jun.17 00:06 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I was just checking in. So there you are
DELETE Jun.17 03:40 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I have tried, tried TRIED. You failed me and yourself.
DELETE Jun.17 04:58 Lora -157 (Norway)> I am fine thanks
DELETE Jun.17 05:06 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Playing or watching? I would say, watching over playing. I definitely enjoy watching women, more then men. So, do you play?
DELETE Jun.17 12:03 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> My friend Ian (E-an) writes his own kind of alternative is the best way to describe his type.
DELETE Jun.17 12:45 Lora-206 (Norway)> Oh great you are in a band but I am not
DELETE Jun.17 12:50 Lora-206 (Norway)> Hello Sanujana
DELETE Jun.17 15:14 Lora -231 (Norway)> My day is good
DELETE Jun.17 16:55 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I was in a band. Omar (bass player) and Randy (guitar) fought constantly over focus, direction, girls and wher to stand.
DELETE Jun.19 02:21 Lora-231 (Norway)> Hey FREDERYK are you there?
DELETE Jun.19 07:11 Lora -231 (Norway)> Oh hey!FREDERYK.Let me guess your age.I think you are 17 AmI right
DELETE Jun.19 15:27 Franklin-199 (Philippines)> Hello
DELETE Jun.19 20:36 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I think I have to leave there is too many impostors. Not enough REAL people. I have been nothing but real with everyone.
DELETE Jun.20 03:21 Lora-231 (Norway)> Dont you belive me I am a real girl
DELETE Jun.20 03:36 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Me too.
DELETE Jun.21 03:20 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Angie hi dont worry nothing gonna happen wrong to you.I think
DELETE Jun.21 22:01 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> All you had to do is answer some simple questions, but that proved to be too difficult for you to answer. Just I could find out about you as a person. (tsk tsk tsk) (smh)
DELETE Jun.22 18:32 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> Any one is here?
DELETE Jun.23 08:19 Rodrigo -65 (Perú)> Hi guyss
DELETE Jun.23 09:39 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> Hi Frederyk ,You are very sociable person
DELETE Jun.23 15:05 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> And hey FREDERYK
DELETE Jun.24 00:43 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> It's 3:41 in the afternoon on June 23, 2020. Is anybody out there? Is there anyone in this club?
DELETE Jun.24 15:17 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> I think you and Sanujana should be friends.
DELETE Jun.24 16:49 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I Always tried to answer her questions to me about me. Sanjuana's REFUSAL to answer simple easy questions about her. Make her IMPOSSIBLE to get to know.
DELETE Jun.24 16:57 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Nothing ever so complicated. Oh she can ask about me. I gave straight forward answers. Sanjuana just REFUSED to answer about her.
DELETE Jun.24 17:02 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> She made it IMPOSSIBLE to get to know. So, who would entertain that? She says, she gets busy at time. We ALL do.
DELETE Jun.24 17:05 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> NOT quantum dynamics. Not too personal. Just little something about you to get to know YOU a little better
DELETE Jun.24 17:10 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> That to me is NOT very friendly at all. Do and we can be friends. Do NOT and I move on without you.
DELETE Jun.24 17:20 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Hello FREDERYK
DELETE Jun.24 17:27 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Hi Sequia,I'm so bored.It's good that you came.
DELETE Jun.25 05:14 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> WOW, indeed
DELETE Jun.25 15:24 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Fredery do not gert angry plz
DELETE Jun.25 15:28 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Why you are getting angry with these silly things ?
DELETE Jun.25 15:30 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> How was this vacation?
DELETE Jun.25 17:34 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I have a choice in everything I do. So, I gave Sanujana what she asked for. When I asked similar questions. She runs and hides. Then never answers when she comes back in.
DELETE Jun.25 17:37 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> hi FREDERYK,
DELETE Jun.25 17:39 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> SAMIDI, Whats going on?
DELETE Jun.25 17:51 FREDERYK -195 (Here )> Too late
DELETE Jun.25 17:54 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> I don't understand what's going on.
DELETE Jun.25 17:59 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> All right
DELETE Jun.25 18:09 FREDERYK -195 (Here )> Various times
DELETE Jun.25 18:12 FREDERYK -195 (Here )> Your English is better than my Tamil and Simhala
DELETE Jun.25 18:14 FREDERYK -195 (Here )> I dont always have a period in my statements in this club either.
DELETE Jun.25 18:20 FREDERYK -195 (Here )> So curse at me. Ill never know
DELETE Jun.25 18:33 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> If you want ask any question from me ask anything.
DELETE Jun.26 02:25 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hi I am the new MANAGER now
DELETE Jun.26 04:58 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Name -Hidden paradise
DELETE Jun.26 05:00 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Congrtulation! our new Maneger Sanujana
DELETE Jun.26 12:53 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> I am 12.Sure and I like you gonna call me Sanu.Shall I call you Sami?
DELETE Jun.27 02:38 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hi Morgane I am fine.Wanna chat?
DELETE Jun.27 11:18 Sanujana-245 (Sri lanka)> Hi Meththa
DELETE Jun.27 13:05 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Do your school gave home works ? ARe you complete allof them ?
DELETE Jun.27 13:06 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Sanujana ,Are you penpal in this site ?
DELETE Jun.28 19:11 Morgane-3 (France)> Hi Sanujana, yes of course. Sorry I'm always later
DELETE Jun.30 07:12 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> How did you get jet lag Morgans?
DELETE Jun.30 20:24 Morgane-122 (France)> Hi Nisa
DELETE Jul.1 10:27 Kate-236 (Hong Kong)> Hi
DELETE Jul.1 11:54 Sanujana-250 (Sri lanka)> Hi Kate I am here
DELETE Jul.1 20:39 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Saying HI to all my friends Gabrielle,, Nisa, Morgane, Kate and Jay
DELETE Jul.2 16:17 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Hello Mike,how are you?
DELETE Jul.2 16:25 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> After long time
DELETE Jul.2 17:22 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hi Meththa,Samidi,Mike,Frederyk,Nisa,Morgane and Kate
DELETE Jul.2 23:52 Amina -54 (Philippines )> Hi everyone. I hope that everyone is still safe from this pandemic
DELETE Jul.3 05:59 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Hi it is not corona virus pandemic in sri lanka
DELETE Jul.3 14:02 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> GOOD! Maybe this year you will learn something AND maybe you won't.
DELETE Jul.3 15:24 Kate-236 (Hong Kong)> I am super bored
DELETE Jul.3 16:29 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Is there a friend here to share my grief?
DELETE Jul.4 02:35 César-238 (Perú)> How is it going there?
DELETE Jul.6 21:35 Morgane-122 (France)> Hello ! Frederyk if you want talk I'm here ! And welcome César !
DELETE Jul.8 04:34 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> What about this web site owners deleted the messages
DELETE Jul.10 21:41 Allie-13 (USA)> ˙imposters
DELETE Jul.12 04:01 Kahory-6 (Perú )> Hi:)
DELETE Jul.13 11:35 Morgane-118 (France)> Hi ! Fine and you ?
DELETE Jul.16 21:37 Heidi-141 (Argentina)> Hi =)
DELETE Jul.20 13:10 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I am learning French. it is so cool
DELETE Jul.20 13:13 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> ma journee est incroyable
DELETE Jul.21 02:22 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> thanks
DELETE Jul.25 02:59 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> hi Mya
DELETE Jul.28 17:01 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> yes
DELETE Jul.29 15:08 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> hi guys
DELETE Aug.3 22:22 Jillian-101 (Canada)> hi
DELETE Aug.8 03:25 maceii-4 (united states)> hi
DELETE Aug.11 01:37 leonardo-95 (usa)> hi
DELETE Aug.12 06:55 Pranita-142 (Indonesia)> can anyone make me laugh? I want to laugh -_-
DELETE Aug.16 11:18 Morgane -204 (France)> Hello ! How are you ? Describe you guys !
DELETE Aug.20 20:09 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> hi Noelia and Fern how are you?
DELETE Aug.21 04:51 Fern-58 (United states)> About a years worth of messages were deleted right now
DELETE Aug.21 05:03 Fern-58 (United states)> How old are you?
DELETE Aug.21 05:16 Fern-58 (United states)> It's not emailing me the pass word
DELETE Aug.23 04:37 leomardo-95 (usa)> hi
DELETE Aug.27 13:17 Ailee-223 (USA)> hello :)
DELETE Aug.30 07:55 Madina-150 (Russia)> hi
DELETE Aug.31 20:42 Fern-27 (United states)> She hasn't responded in the last 10 days th
DELETE Sep.1 00:30 Milagros-237 (Perú )> Hello
DELETE Sep.9 17:51 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Yes, Morgane. I an good. Hope you are well, too.
DELETE Sep.21 02:12 Noemí-6 (Perú)> Hi, I'm looking for friends from 16 to 17 years old to talk
DELETE Sep.24 17:24 Oon-238 (Korea)> Searching who can do friend or can snail mail with me insta Id: _shin122314
DELETE Sep.24 22:09 Fern-27 (United states)> Anyone want to play among us
DELETE Sep.25 23:33 Mike -230 (Uzbekistan )> Hello everyone, I want to find new friends.
DELETE Sep.26 15:14 jiwoo-244 (Korea)> Hello!
DELETE Sep.29 16:45 Sanujana-206 (Sri lanka)> hi guys how are you? I am fine and going to my own school again
DELETE Oct.1 18:57 Jackeline-235 (Perú)> Mucho gusto! mi nombre es Jackeline y me encantaría conocer diversas personas de distintas partes del mundo xd
DELETE Oct.2 11:52 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Happy World Children's Day to all of you!
DELETE Oct.2 12:52 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hi Samidi did u got in to our school?
DELETE Oct.2 14:25 Raphaël-209 (France)> How are you ? Do you speak french ?
DELETE Oct.2 14:28 Raphaël-209 (France)> Rejoignez mon serveur discord svp
DELETE Oct.3 12:44 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> D'accord quel âge as-tu? j'ai 12 ans
DELETE Oct.4 17:11 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Hi Sanu !!!! I could not come to your school because our school has A / L subjects. That is why I am going to Vishvoda College now.
DELETE Oct.5 09:30 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I am live in Malkaduwawa.
DELETE Oct.5 18:16 Lia-43 (Jamaica)> hi everyone, i am new i am lia i am from jamica, i am looking for friends and pen pals. Hope everyone is doing well
DELETE Oct.6 11:19 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> Hi Lia we can be friends!
DELETE Oct.7 20:55 Karen-205 (Great Britain)> Hi can I be your friend
DELETE Oct.8 05:29 samidi-206 (Sri Lanka)> I'm in Weerambugedara. .Where are you in Malkaduwawa ? I have a friend from there.
DELETE Oct.9 13:44 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> really i am in Sudarshana Mawatha.
DELETE Oct.9 13:45 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> we can be friends Karen
DELETE Oct.9 14:44 Barış-230 (Turkey)> Hı ı'm Barış
DELETE Oct.12 05:45 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hi B
DELETE Oct.13 18:58 Mellody -237 (Peru)> Hi everyone ¡
DELETE Oct.15 19:22 Karen-205 (Great Britain)> Hi sanujana thanks for saying that we can be friends 👭
DELETE Oct.16 00:48 Rebeca-113 (Perú)> Hellooo Guys !
DELETE Oct.17 18:36 beebly-20 (USA)> hello friends
DELETE Oct.19 13:52 Morgane-138 (France)> Hello ! In France, we are in october holidays! Some cities like Paris have a curfew.
DELETE Oct.19 20:07 Alif-138 (Bangladesh)> Hi I am new here
DELETE Oct.19 20:08 Alif-138 (Bangladesh)> how are you all
DELETE Oct.20 02:00 abi-91 (usa)> hi im Abi i live in Hawaii
DELETE Oct.20 10:55 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hi karen we can talk
DELETE Oct.20 10:56 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hi Morgane how are you? I am fine
DELETE Oct.20 17:36 Sophie Doizaki-228 (United States)> Hello
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