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" C-H-A-T on sundays " club
For students 10-20 only
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

DELETE Feb.8 17:43 Anton-91 (France)> Oui I will be there too thanks so much Leah
DELETE Feb.14 15:45 Oon-238 (korea)> My instagram Id is _dada_1223
DELETE Mar.15 16:26 Darion-188 (Trinidad and Tobago)> It will be noon at 4pm your time
DELETE Mar.15 16:29 Jodie-96 (England )> Oh ok, 4pm, thanks :)
DELETE Mar.15 17:06 Hermine -73 (Deutschland)> yes
DELETE Mar.15 17:12 Hermine -73 (Germany)> my favorite hobby is cheerleading
DELETE Mar.15 17:20 Hermine-73 (Germany)> Jena in Germany
DELETE Mar.15 17:44 Hannah-91 (France)> Coucou, I'm 14 years ols.Sorry for my English
DELETE Mar.15 17:54 Milo-100 (France )> Hello
DELETE Mar.15 23:35 Alele-62 (Australia)> Hi
DELETE Mar.18 09:48 Alele-62 (Australia)> Hi everyone!
DELETE Mar.18 22:30 Alele-62 (Australia)> What do you do on here? My friend Carrie told me about it.
DELETE Mar.18 22:35 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Well last time we've started chatting and there weren't many people on just Carrie,Hermine,Jodie,Leah,Lea,Mary at the same time.It was fun,though.Hope you all will be here next sunday
DELETE Mar.19 05:57 Tianyu-61 (China)> Hey I wonder if all the messages in your mailbox are deleted today?
DELETE Mar.19 08:25 Tianyu-61 (China)> I'm 13,what about you?
DELETE Mar.19 19:27 Maci-78 (USA)> To Robby: Yep. My school is closed for 2 weeks! So bored...
DELETE Mar.20 05:34 Tianyu-61 (China)> Does anyone have online classes at home?Our school closed but we still have classes😖
DELETE Mar.20 23:09 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Cool @Tianyu.What books do u like?
DELETE Mar.21 00:00 Olivia-47 (USA)> Hi everyone :)
DELETE Mar.21 04:46 Cuau-241 (México )> @Sathsarani hot so.. Hot 🔥
DELETE Mar.21 09:41 anonymous-134 (Dubai)> Hey are there any programmers???
DELETE Mar.21 16:40 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Jey it's sad I missed you Maci.I would have lived to chat with you.Hope the chat will heat up tomorrow...
DELETE Mar.21 16:46 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> And my typing is horrible.sorry
DELETE Mar.22 06:03 cough-2 (cough)> hellooo
DELETE Mar.22 08:40 Kaina-85 (France)> Everyone sorry
DELETE Mar.22 12:55 Ingrid-154 (Belgique)> Hello
DELETE Mar.22 15:08 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Hi Kaina!I am fine! where do you live in France?
DELETE Mar.22 17:03 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> Of course I am!!!
DELETE Mar.22 17:07 Robby-91 (GreatBritain)> .
DELETE Mar.23 05:06 Chan-207 (China)> My Instagram is @Lukaschangd leave me a message there.👋🏼
DELETE Mar.23 08:38 Falihah-134 (Malaysia)> Anyone from Dubai??
DELETE Mar.23 12:18 anonymous-134 (Dubai)> Hi Falihah
DELETE Mar.23 12:24 anonymous-134 (Dubai)> my email is
DELETE Mar.24 02:24 Alele-111 (Australia)> Hi Peoples!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DELETE Mar.24 07:03 anonymous-134 (Dubai)> Your instagram is included the @?
DELETE Mar.26 00:44 Tianyu-61 (China)> Yeah the coronavirus is really terrible
DELETE Mar.26 15:41 sabina-47 (spain)> hello, I am here, in home
DELETE Mar.28 00:14 Mark-181 (Canada)> Hello!
DELETE Mar.28 14:39 sabina-47 (spain)> nothing...........
DELETE Mar.30 05:59 Chan-166 (China)> My school has been shut down for 2 months.
DELETE Mar.31 13:40 Mihini -134 (Sri Lanka)> Hi how are you tianyu?
DELETE Apr.1 01:39 Mark-120 (Canada)> Stay safe everyone!
DELETE Apr.3 01:31 sathsarani-157 (Sri Lanka)> Hello! is enyone here?
DELETE Apr.5 23:27 Maci-225 (USA)> HIiii!!!!!!!
DELETE Apr.6 18:10 Allie-13 (USA)> Thank you
DELETE Apr.8 13:58 Sabina-47 (Spain)> MEEEEEEE
DELETE Apr.14 21:47 Emilia -232 (Polska)> hi my name is Emilia. I'm 14 years old. I'm from Poland
DELETE Apr.16 14:19 Sabina-47 (Spain)> 19.130 deaths
DELETE Apr.22 21:12 Maci-78 (USA (maine))> Hi Arula! I like your name!
DELETE Apr.26 14:55 Maci-225 (USA (maine))> HIiii!!!!!!!
DELETE Jun.4 17:35 Tianyu-61 (China)> Oh no...I hooe they won't
DELETE Jun.7 04:13 Nay-213 (Puerto Rico)> Hi
DELETE Jun.10 07:24 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> sure!
DELETE Jun.10 11:50 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Actually what is your school
DELETE Jun.10 18:06 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> How do you know my age?
DELETE Jun.10 18:21 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> what grade are you in?
DELETE Jun.13 04:13 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Absolutely you are right.
DELETE Jun.13 15:31 Sanujana-157 (Sri lanka)> You are right Sequoia
DELETE Jun.13 22:18 Sequoia-42 (Usa)> Hi Sanujana how are you? What do you like to do?
DELETE Jun.14 12:09 Arpita-43 (India)> anyone ??
DELETE Jun.14 18:43 Sequoia-42 (Usa)> Hi sathsarani I just woke up it is 6:30 here☺
DELETE Jun.14 18:45 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hello Sequoia actually I have to say I like to chat with you
DELETE Jun.14 18:47 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hey Sathsarani how is the day
DELETE Jun.15 13:47 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> I am 12 years old too Sequoia
DELETE Jun.15 16:12 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Do you have siblings?
DELETE Jun.17 15:22 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> Definitely I will come to your school, because it's the best school in Kurunegala for girls.
DELETE Jun.19 02:23 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Sara it is not only sunday we are chat with friends every day
DELETE Jun.23 13:52 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> Hi
DELETE Jun.24 15:24 Sanujana-231 (Sri lanka)> Hmm I am doing my online classes
DELETE Jun.25 18:07 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> anyone there?
DELETE Jun.25 18:22 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Samidi,I see your blog "travel world" it is very nice one.
DELETE Jun.25 18:28 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> where are you in srilanka?
DELETE Jun.25 18:39 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> i'm in kurunegala.
DELETE Jun.26 06:03 samidi-231 (Sri Lanka)> gm meththa,what is your school?
DELETE Jun.26 08:47 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Thank you Samidi.
DELETE Jun.28 18:30 Jason-253 (United States)> Yo what up
DELETE Jun.28 19:09 Morgane-3 (France)> How are you guys ?
DELETE Jul.1 10:23 Kate-236 (Hong Kong)> Hi
DELETE Jul.1 10:24 Kate-236 (Hong Kong)> XD
DELETE Jul.2 20:00 Morgane-122 (France)> Hiii Sanujana
DELETE Jul.4 22:07 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Celebrated with fireworks. Well, IDK about this year, no social gathering and social distancing. So really don't know how where people are going to "celebrate".
DELETE Jul.6 08:21 Jen-83 (USA)> I had to come on this website and see if anyone actually comes here anymore! I used to go on here all the time when I was 10ish years old. I'm 24 now and can't believe how much I can remember about this website. Time flies!
DELETE Jul.6 11:55 Nishara-231 (Sri Lanka)> I'm new maneger of this club.
DELETE Jul.7 10:42 Şura-54 (Turkey )> Hii! How are you to day? I did Turkish coffee my mother and father. Do you live Turkish coffee. I love it. I' m so happy 'cause you are my first friends in web site's.
DELETE Jul.7 10:56 Sanujana-250 (Sri lanka)> Hi sura
DELETE Jul.13 03:25 Chaeyoung-125 (Korea)> @Jen wow
DELETE Jul.13 23:27 Kingston-30 (United States)> Any body here?
DELETE Jul.14 18:25 Morgane-122 (France)> Ronburgly, thanks 🤣
DELETE Jul.20 23:08 Morgane-132 (France)> I don't know 🤣. Maybe break my leg or my arm 🤣
DELETE Jul.22 14:56 Morgane-132 (France)> Welcome !
DELETE Jul.23 14:52 sathsarani-227 (Sri Lanka)> hello!What are you doing now?today is a rainy day so I am boring.
DELETE Jul.30 18:10 sathsarani-157 (Sri Lanka)> Hello friends!!!!😊is anyone here ?
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