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DELETE Jun.26 13:36 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Hi everyone. Inviting you all
DELETE Jun.26 14:20 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> How was the corona season ?
DELETE Jun.26 14:45 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I read you blog. Good to know. Some spelling errors that I would be more than happy to help English speakers (readers) can an will appreciate. 😊
DELETE Jun.26 14:46 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> You were only in 26 minutes ago
DELETE Jun.26 14:48 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> UGH! It's 5:47 in the morning!
DELETE Jun.26 15:56 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> If there any error you can tell me plz
DELETE Jun.26 15:57 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> What are you doing these days?
DELETE Jun.26 15:58 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Fred,You wakeup too early
DELETE Jun.26 17:28 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I will let you the little spelling and English grammar issues AND yes too damn EARLY! By the time I come in (later today) you will be sleeping for the night
DELETE Jun.26 18:18 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> That da my mother called to me sleep beacause only me wake up in that time.
DELETE Jun.26 18:19 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> I think now your afternon
DELETE Jun.26 19:43 Morgane-122 (France)> Hiiii guy, i'm new on this chat!
DELETE Jun.26 23:05 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hi Morgane. How are you? We chatted briefly in another club. This one is fresh and new.
DELETE Jun.26 23:08 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> ete sen, Meththa NO NO! I do not speak Twi. Me bokoooo. NO NO I'm telling you I don't speak Twi!!
DELETE Jun.27 04:33 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> What is Twi and bokoooo
DELETE Jun.27 04:34 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Hi Morgane ,Welcome to this club that are you doing these days?
DELETE Jun.27 15:29 Phoebe-231 (Finland)> Hi guys
DELETE Jun.27 17:02 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Hi,Phoebe .What are you doing these days?
DELETE Jun.28 04:09 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hi Phoebe of Finland. That has a nice ring to it. Meththa, your blog is AWESOME
DELETE Jun.28 06:48 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> Thank you very much Frederyk
DELETE Jun.28 07:46 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> I do your wish Frederk
DELETE Jun.28 07:57 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> you can upade my page my password is - 1m2m
DELETE Jun.28 19:08 Morgane-3 (France)> Hi ! I don't remember, what's the name of the other club ? Yesterday, I've gone to sport and at a party. Sorry for my English
DELETE Jun.28 20:16 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> That's okay, Morgane. Maybe a different Morgane.
DELETE Jun.28 20:17 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> "I went to a party." "I attended a party" Either way is correct.
DELETE Jun.28 20:20 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Meththa, I do not know how to get in. And I am not sure of the font size. I do not know if it would match the existing text.
DELETE Jun.28 20:24 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Oh and Morgane "I attended a sporting match" "I went to a sporting event" "I went to a 'football' game." Lots of different ways to say it.
DELETE Jun.28 20:24 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Not trying to be mean. Just help you find the best way for you.
DELETE Jun.28 20:25 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> This is so lonely without anyone to talk with. 😥
DELETE Jun.29 03:32 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I come in HOURS later and no one came in ALL DAY. THAT is so sad.
DELETE Jun.29 05:18 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> Don't be scerd of front sizes t,I correct it later
DELETE Jun.29 05:19 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> When I also come but no one come also
DELETE Jun.29 05:20 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> What sport you go Morgane ?
DELETE Jun.29 05:21 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> Is your party enjoyable ?
DELETE Jun.29 06:07 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Are you online or offline?
DELETE Jun.29 06:07 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Like 45 minutes ago
DELETE Jun.29 09:23 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> 12:23 (00:23) Time to go to sleep
DELETE Jun.29 11:46 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> Yeasterday ,I went sleep that time
DELETE Jun.29 14:59 FREDERYK-46 (Here)> Yes, me top.
DELETE Jun.29 15:00 FREDERYK-46 (Here)> "Yeasterday has no "a" in it.
DELETE Jun.29 21:09 Morgane-95 (France)> No Frederyk it's me. I'm just tired sorry
DELETE Jun.29 21:11 Morgane-95 (France)> I practise rythmic gymnastics. My party is great but i'm shy and i don't know people;
DELETE Jun.29 21:12 Morgane-95 (France)> And thanks Frederyk because you help me
DELETE Jun.29 22:00 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Not a problem. You're welcome. Rhythmic gymnastics I'd like to see. I TRULY would! Nice!
DELETE Jun.29 22:01 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Don't be shy. I don't bite . . . hard.
DELETE Jun.30 07:10 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> 10:10 PM (22:10) and all by myself ALL DAY
DELETE Jun.30 20:23 Morgane-122 (France)> Where are you from ? In France it's 20:22 (8:22 pm )
DELETE Jul.1 03:40 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I am in San Diego (san dee ai go), California. 195.5 km south of Llos Angeles, California. Where in France are you?
DELETE Jul.1 10:26 Kate-236 (Hong Kong)> Hi, anyone online?
DELETE Jul.1 10:26 Kate-236 (Hong Kong)> Im so bored!
DELETE Jul.1 16:24 Morgane-122 (France)> Hii I'm in the west coast of France.
DELETE Jul.1 16:24 Morgane-122 (France)> Hi Kate I'm bored to !
DELETE Jul.1 17:05 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Why so bored ladies?
DELETE Jul.1 17:07 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> ¿
DELETE Jul.1 18:23 Morgane-122 (France)> I don't know i have a lot of things to do but i'm tired
DELETE Jul.1 18:38 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Yes, me too. I can relate to that
DELETE Jul.1 18:39 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> 15 minutes later
DELETE Jul.1 20:40 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Checking in again
DELETE Jul.2 16:21 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Hi guys I am very sorry because I didn't reply long days
DELETE Jul.2 16:22 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> I am busy with my home works there only 2days to start the school
DELETE Jul.2 16:23 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Hi,Kate nice to meet you !
DELETE Jul.2 17:55 Sofia-231 (USA)> Hi friends
DELETE Jul.2 18:34 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hello Sofia
DELETE Jul.2 18:35 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Keep busy Meththa. You will get there!
DELETE Jul.2 20:00 Morgane-122 (France)> Hi Sofia
DELETE Jul.2 22:00 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> What no "ho" or "hello" from you Morgane? That's okay, I will say , SALUTATIONS to you.
DELETE Jul.3 07:15 Sofia-157 (USA)> Hi FREDERYK what do doing?
DELETE Jul.3 07:16 Sofia-157 (USA)> where are you in america?
DELETE Jul.3 14:06 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> I am up at 5:04 in the morning writing you. I am in San Diego, California. HBU?
DELETE Jul.3 14:07 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Yes, I'm going back to sleep now.
DELETE Jul.3 15:40 Sofia-231 (USA)> I am in Los Angelis
DELETE Jul.3 15:41 Sofia-231 (USA)> Southern california
DELETE Jul.3 15:59 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> You are definitely the closest geographically. NICE!
DELETE Jul.3 16:03 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> That is so kewl. Only 120 miles away
DELETE Jul.10 16:03 Morgane-118 (France)> Salutations guys
DELETE Jul.13 08:30 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> Very sorry for late reply I am so busy with my school home works.Our school sarted due less corona petients in 5th July but again closed it from today now I am free .
DELETE Jul.13 11:32 Morgane-118 (France)> When is your summer holidays ? I'm in summer holidays in France.
DELETE Jul.13 17:03 Amber-209 (Uk)> Hiiii!
DELETE Jul.14 16:18 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> Our country doesn't have seasonal differant dear
DELETE Jul.14 16:19 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> We only have rainy , hot and middle seasons
DELETE Jul.14 16:20 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> we dont have Autum,Summer,winter and spring
DELETE Jul.14 16:20 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> Hi,Amber .Do your school has Sarted ?
DELETE Jul.14 18:23 Morgane-122 (France)> Ok Meththa. Thanks 👍 Hi Amber
DELETE Jul.15 04:36 Meththa-250 (Sri Lanka)> Morgan do you went any trip in your summer holiday ?
DELETE Jul.15 16:51 Morgane-3 (France)> I don't know. Maybe we will visit a big French city , like Toulouse or Marseille.
DELETE Jul.19 12:45 Rhythm -196 (India)> hey
DELETE Jul.19 20:48 Morgane-132 (France)> Hey 🙋
DELETE Jul.19 23:37 FREDERYK-195 (Here)> Hey, Hey Morgane. Here's another fine message for you to enjoy. "Salutations Morgane" well that's it
DELETE Jul.20 23:07 Morgane-132 (France)> How are you guys ?
DELETE Jul.21 07:42 Ada-213 (San Francisco )> Hi everyone!
DELETE Jul.22 00:49 Yas-154 (Switzerland)> Yo spaghettito
DELETE Jul.22 14:55 Morgane-132 (France)> Hey Yas and Ada !
DELETE Jul.23 07:50 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> Hi Rhythm ,ada and yas
DELETE Jul.23 07:51 Meththa-245 (Sri Lanka)> HI guys in your countries the corona pendemic turning good ?
DELETE Jul.28 03:46 leah-10 (United States)> hi
DELETE Jul.28 23:38 Morgane-119 (France)> Hi ! What ‘s up guys ?
DELETE Jul.29 14:04 vinod-251 (India)> Hi everyone
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